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Following are our most frequently asked questions.
Q. How much luggage can I carry?/ What is the baggage allowance on the flight I took?

Domestic –Baggage allowances have been changed by the Airlines for both checked-in as well as carryon baggage. There is a fee charged by the Airlines for all checked-in as well as carryon baggage. It is recommended that you please call the airlines directly or visit their website for the most updated policy. We are providing the link below to give you general guidelines and may be subject to change.  
International – Most Airlines allow one pieces to be checked-in free for most international travel and one carry on bag. However the weight allowances for checked-in as well as carry on baggage may vary by airline. You can call the airlines directly for most updated policy. We are providing the link below to give you general guidelines and may be subject to change.

Q. What if a third person is making a booking for me or I using someone else's credit card for booking?
Q. I am not familiar with, how do I know that my credit Card information are safe with your company?
Q. Can I make reservation and pay later?
Q. How do I pay for my ticket?
Q. I am not able to select the date of my travel, why?
Q. What age is an air passenger considered an infant/ child?
Q. Why did the fare change, while I was trying to book my flight?
Q. How do I know if My Booking (Reservation) is Complete?
Q. What if I entered a wrong name while making a booking?
Q. What if I have to change my travel date or I put a wrong date by mistake?
Q. What is an electronic ticket or e-ticket? And how do I use it?
Q. I have not received my E-Ticket confirmation what should I be doing?
Q. What if my credit card was declined?
Q. Do I need to reconfirm my flight before departure?
Q. What is travel protection? What is covered by Travel Insurance?
Q. Can my child fly alone? (un-accompanied minors)
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